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Your stay with us is slowly coming to an end. We hope you’ve been having an amazing time and have created lots of memories in our home!

We want to make sure that your departure is a smooth one, so we’re sending these check-out instructions to you so that there’s no confusion about what to do when leaving. The most important information that you need to know before leaving our property can be found below:

Checkout time

A friendly reminder that your scheduled checkout time is 10AM. If there are any issues, or you need to arrange to check out at a later time, please feel free to contact us on 425-354-9802 and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

Leaving the property

Before leaving, we would greatly appreciate it if you could:

  • Take the garbage out to the large trash can outside the property.

  • Strip each bed of all its linens and sheets, you can leave it on the floor. 

  • Please place all used towels in the laundry basket.

  • Place all furniture you may have moved back in its original condition.

  • Please clean all the dishes. Cleaning fee doesn’t include dish washing.

Locking up

On your way out, please could you:

  • Switch off all the lights 

  • Switch off all electronics and kitchen appliances (you may keep the fridge switched on)

  • Switch off the air conditioner 

  • Check each room to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything

  • Check that the fridge has been cleared of all food

  • Check that all windows are closed

  • Lock the front door and gate

  • Lock the door at the back entrance

Please let us know if anything has been damaged during your stay. If something needs to be fixed or replaced, we’ll let you know how much we will charge.

Key handover

Please leave all the keys on the kitchen table. We will charge $20 for any lost keys and $150 for garage remote control. 

Have any feedback?

If you have any feedback, good or bad, we would love to hear from you. We use it to improve our service as much as possible for the next guest. If you’ve had an enjoyable experience during your stay with us, please consider leaving a review on our listing on Airbnb. It helps our business grow and get noticed on the platform

Last thing, thank you for choosing us!

One thing we have to say before you leave is thank you once again for choosing to stay with us! We had such a pleasure hosting you, and we hope to see you again soon.

Travel safe,


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