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“The growth I've experienced in just a few months of starting guitar is a testament to how great Minsu is. He tailors the lessons to match my interests making sure that practice and lessons weren't a chore. Through these lessons I've grown to love the guitar even more and I can't wait to learn more! It's also filled me with confidence as well as newfound skills”

— Min H.

Guitar Player

“I played guitar off and on over the years but never got past the basics and actually picked up bad habits. Minsu was able to correct my bad playing habits, refresh my basic knowledge then create a fun and custom lesson plan. I highly recommend any beginner, intermediate or skilled player looking for more method to the madness.”

— Mike M.

Man Playing Guitar

“I was a complete beginner and didn’t even know a single chord when I started the guitar lesson. It’s been 6 months since I started the lesson and I’m glad that I’m learning from a professional guitarist because I feel confident in the fundamentals and techniques. It’s a joy to play the music in guitar strings, but also thrilling to apply the techniques to make the music in my way. The lesson gets more fun each time because I can play more music piece as I progress.”

—Yerin P.

Acoustic Guitar

“I've been learning guitar for about 6 months now and I am able to read guitar cords and tabs.It's a true joy being able to spend my leisure time at any place with a small instrument.”

— Julia K.

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